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Our Story:

The Century Exchange is an over-the-counter trading platform for derivatives that use land us the underlying assets. Created by consultants from CBIS, the exchange partners with large estate landowners & leading financial institutions to enable small & mid-sized investors such as individuals, SACCOs & property companies to use leverage & cost-effective financial instruments known as Land Options to;

1. Buy land through the buy now-pay tomorrow land transaction system. This allows buyers to purchase full control of land parcels known as Landhas at a fraction of the actual land asset controlled by the Land Option.

2. Or, to use the control of the asset acquired through the purchase of the Land Option as an alternative investment strategy for those seeking to diversify or mitigate risk in their portfolio considering our system ensures Land Option holders optimize on fact that land value appreciates over time, therefore delivering added equity value to the Land Option holder, even before one can decide whether to commit to purchasing the block of land. Further,  Land Option holders seeking to maximize on this investment alternative can trade the Land Option with other traders at a premium.

3. On becoming a landowner through the Land Option system, one has the option to delist the property from the exchange for personal use, or maintain it on the exchange, develop it & thereby earn from land value appreciation through Land Options derived from the owned land parcel.

Why You Should Open An Account:

The Century Exchange is self regulated exchange that comprises of;

1. Large estate landowners, who help in the creation of the land treasury pool of over 2,500 hectares. The landowners provide the necessary legal documents such as titles, historic records of previous owners & more for the investor scrutiny in order to boost their confidence in the legitimacy of the investment.

2. Legal professionals, who ascertain to subscribers the legality of provided documents, validity of the squatter proof guarantee, further help them with title deed transfer & more.

3. Financial professionals, who ensure that the Land Options derivative market is free, fair & transparent in terms of pricing & volumes traded.

4. Leading financial institutions, that provide for the exchange reserve by way of guarantee on event of default or other market abnormalities that may put the Land Option holders or landowners in risk.

These four entities work tirelessly to ensure that the exchange's offerings are low risk, offer the highest returns possible & provide an opportunity to diversify.

Getting Started:

To access our unique investment options, request to have an account opened on this platform & our service team will respond immediately & instruct you accordingly.

For swift processing, potential investors are requested to submit all their necessary details when prompted to create a profile during the account creation process.


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